Department of Environmental Technology and Management, Van Lang University, HCMC, Vietnam

1. Environmental Technology: future challenges and expected developments1Emeritus professor in Environmental Technology, sub-department of Environmental, Wageningen University, The Netherland (Details)

2. Community composition and carbon utilization profiles of microorganisms in brackish and freshwater sediments in Yodo River in Japan: Climate change adaptation of estuarine microbial ecosystemsSatoshi Soda, Mei Yamato, Junqin Pang, and Michihiko Ike (Details)

3. Possibility of greenhouse gases reduction from electricity consumption in Ho Chi Minh CityLe Nguyen Que Huong and Nguyen Trung Viet (Details)

4. Options for management of bio-solid from agro-industries -  NatthapongProysurin; RanjitSen; Ajit P. Annachhatre (Details)

5. Composting of Organic Wastes in Urban Environment -  J.W.C. Wong, A. Selvam (Details)

6. Possibilities and challenges to approach zero-disposal of biodegradable organic domestic solid waste in Ho Chi Minh City -  Tran Thi My Dieu, and Le Thi Kim Oanh (Details)

7. Towards a low carbon society. An inquiry into scenarios -  Joost C.L. van Buuren (Details)

8. Factors affecting to sustainable consumption behavior in Ho Chi Minh City -  Le Van Khoa, Pham Gia Tran), Vo Thi Xuan Hong, Chau Thi Thu Thuy, Phan Thanh Hoa (Details)

9. China’s remarkable progress in transparency and information disclosure on the environment -  Arthur P.J. Mol, Lei Zhang, and Guizhen He (Details)

10. Participatory monitoring for innovate waste management in urban settlement in South East Asia -  Astrid Hendriksen (Details)


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